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Farm guesthouse

We welcome guests in a rural setting close to nature at our family-run farm.

The majority of our dairy products and cured meats are produced from our own ingredients (milk and meat), some of which are processed away from the farm. Our yoghurt is homemade, however, as are our jams, syrups and cakes.

We offer accommodation, breakfast and tastings of typical products.

Combining the knowledge handed down from our ancestors with modern farming techniques, we rear our animals without forcing them and on fodder we have produced. We also welcome small animals and your horses in our stables.

We look forward to meeting you!

Campeggio Valle Verde Trentino fiemmeflight

Agritur Col Verde
38037 PREDAZZO (TN) - Strada ai Bersagli
Tel. e Fax 0462 500080
P.iva 01719919224
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